Things you might ask or think...

Who are you?

I'm Matt Lathrom [lay-thrum]. When I'm not doing this, I'm designing and animating things for people.

Why did you do this project?

Because I like writing for screen and want to get better at it. I was inspired to do an everyday by Beeple, who you should totally check out.

I design the posters because it makes the site look cool and gives me a visual outlet since these aren't being shot right now.

How long do you spend on an everyday?

Somewhere between 2-3 hours. I've gone 4 hours at times when I was feeling particularly ambitious.

Some of these are pretty bad.

I do one a day, gimme a break.

Some of these are pretty good.

Please, I'm blushing.

Are you going to shoot these?

I don't know. Maybe. No plans right now.

Can I shoot one of these?

Maybe. I don't see why not. Hit me up if you're interested.

Should I do an everyday?

Yes. You should. Right now. Don't plot it. Just start and figure it out along the way.