The Right Ones

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When people around the world start vanishing into thin air, there's only one way to ensure humanity's survival.

Fantasy, Comedy


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Lieutenant Batie spins into the abyss of space with nothing but a computer assistant to help her accept her fate.

Science Fiction, Drama

Calling Mom

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There's nothing like mom's comforting words to make us feel better about the terrible things we've done.

Horror, Comedy

One Pint

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This is Officer Kaul's third shooting of the night, but the witness sees more than just random act of violence.

Drama, Crime

The Left Hand

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Charlie is being haunted. His apparition exists in the space between his conscious awareness and subconscious desire.



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A man at the end of his mail route plans to go out with a bang. But he's not the only one with plans today.

Action, Drama

Session 1

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Terry Matheson agrees to an experimental new form of therapy that has revolutionary effects on his psyche.

Science Fiction, Drama

Sea Born

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A sailor on trial for heresy discovers the horrifying source of the villagers' fears.

Fantasy, Drama, Thriller


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Cylus visits a shady doctor who specializes in a procedure only a chosen few can get.

Horror, Comedy


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Milton has a crisis of faith after witnessing a young man's tragic death.


AVA: The Burial

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A woman gets a taste of the small town culture when she moves in to her parents' country house after their death.


Knock Knock

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After David tucks his daughter, Jesse, into bed, an evil presence manifests itself in their innocent bedtime game.

Horror, Drama


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Elizabeth defends her leaking of classified documents revealing the most important discovery of mankind.

Crime, Drama, Science Fiction

We're Live

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Jonah rushes home to be with his wife after making a shattering announcement on live TV.

Drama, Science Fiction

Wild Man

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Alone in the desert, a Wild Man sets off to find purpose beyond survival.

Drama, Adventure

The Report

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Martin's report is stellar, his new partner is a knockout, and the realization hits that his life is a living cliche.


That Baby

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That home, that husband, that baby. Jenn is a stranger in her own life, and that baby won't let her forget it.

Horror, Drama

Middle Ground

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The only thing that lies between Taylor Merit and death at the hand's of outlaw, Jack Mills, is fifty paces of dirt.

Western, Action

Off With Her Head

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A woman with an artistic flair for the controversial finds that you can start the conversation, but everyone else will finish it.

Comedy, Drama


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Mal wakes up in the middle of the night after a dream that puts everything in perspective.



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Something strange oozes within the shell of Maven's new electronic gadget.

Horror, Comedy


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When Danny's dream becomes lucid, he learns a lesson about arrogance.


Lost Articles

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On the other side of reality is a place where the articles of clothing lost in the dryer go.

Sci-Fi, Comedy


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Rae captures the spirit of her dead husband only to find that he's not alone.

Science Fiction, Drama


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In the beginning, there was nothing interesting... Professor Joan dreams of something beyond the ink and sticks that make up her world.

Animation, Family


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Peter gets a glimpse at the otherworldly connection he shares with his son.

Drama, Thriller, Fantasy

The Regulars

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A spy arranges the assassination of his target, but he's not the only one with plans.

Thriller, Mystery


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Millie and Rocky try to solve the water-gun crisis on the playground.

Family, Animation, Comedy

Shield of Darkness

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After Nygell cowers on the field of battle, William teaches him to face his inner darkness and learn to kill.

Action, Adventure, Drama


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A drug made from the vapor of teleported humans sends Menk on a trip to where it all began.



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A.I. researchers devise an existential intervention for their creations.

Sci-Fi, Comedy

In a Word

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Eat, sleep, f**k. Meg and Phil realize the beauty in going through the motions.

Drama, Comedy


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Liam tries to resist his painful compulsion as evidence of his failure piles up.


In the End

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The fantasy of suicide versus the reality of suicide. Danni takes the final step in her healing.

Sci-Fi, Drama


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Dr. Bellow examines a patient with symptoms of a long-dormant and troubling disease.



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Joe's preference for fantasy creates a rift in his relationship.



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Which one of your parts is you? Richard finds out when he starts chopping them off.


Brain Damage

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When a group of friends shares the ceremonial joint after the concert, they slip into an internal nightmare.

Drama, Comedy, Horror

Trope Motel

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Nothing good ever happens at a seedy motel. Unfortunately for Michael, this one's no different.



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The trap springs when Blue Man crosses paths with the real men in blue at a mysterious crime scene.

Action, Crime


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Jerome runs simulations on Chance's upcoming boxing match to give him an edge.

Action, Comedy

Sticks and Stones

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When Stickolas' run-in with some bullies leaves him beaten and broken, friendship gives him a seconds chance.

Animation, Family, Adventure


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Joel discovers that his headache-inducing childhood glasses can do more than straighten out a lazy eye.

Fantasy, Mystery


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Money. It's the root of all evil today. A group of men gathers at a hotel in Italy to divvy up the score.

Action, Crime, Drama


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Trapped in a technicolor expanse, Maureen works her way through the puzzle to find an escape.

Sci-Fi, Drama

The Garage

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A ticket machine eats Cam's credit card, then he shoots a cop. Wait... what?

Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery


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The timeline goes to hell when Jenny takes advantage of a fast, new delivery service.

Sci-Fi, Comedy

And Upward

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Mister the vagrant. Mister the pizza-man. The yuppie. The law. There's no skin he can't inhabit.

Fantasy, Drama


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Angela fumbles through a world dominated by quotas, delegations, and kind-speech.

Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama