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Wild Man


Alone in the desert, a Wild Man sets off to find purpose beyond survival.

We're Live


Jonah rushes home to be with his wife after making a shattering announcement on live TV.



Elizabeth defends her leaking of classified documents revealing the most important discovery of mankind.

Knock Knock


After David tucks his daughter, Jesse, into bed, an evil presence manifests itself in their innocent bedtime game.

AVA: The Burial


A woman gets a taste of the small town culture when she moves in to her parents' country house after their death.



Milton has a crisis of faith after witnessing a young man's tragic death.



Cylus visits a shady doctor who specializes in a procedure only a chosen few can get.

Sea Born


A sailor on trial for heresy discovers the horrifying source of the villagers' fears.

Session 1


Terry Matheson agrees to an experimental new form of therapy that has revolutionary effects on his psyche.



When Susan moves into a new house with a haunting history, she discovers it's not the past she has to fear.



The man who built the monster is sent in to stop his creation.

Pride & Shame


What happens in the wild plains of Africa, stays in the wild plains of Africa.



A man at the end of his mail route plans to go out with a bang. But he's not the only one with plans today.

The Left Hand


Charlie is being haunted. His apparition exists in the space between his conscious awareness and subconscious desire.

One Pint


This is Officer Kaul's third shooting of the night, but the witness sees more than just random act of violence.

Calling Mom


There's nothing like mom's comforting words to make us feel better about the terrible things we've done.