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The Other Shadow


George interrogates a quadriplegic man who he suspects in his brother's murder.

A Matter Of Force


Emotions and preconceptions lead Officer Walsh to draw his weapon on a routine traffic stop.

The Regulars


A spy arranges the assassination of his target, but he's not the only one with plans.



Peter gets a glimpse at the otherworldly connection he shares with his son.



Two flirtatious college students, Stephen and Alex, end up alone by the lake.



In the beginning, there was nothing interesting... Professor Joan dreams of something beyond the ink and sticks that make up her world.



Rae captures the spirit of her dead husband only to find that he's not alone.

Lost Articles


On the other side of reality is a place where the articles of clothing lost in the dryer go.

Amicable Getaway


When bank robbers clash over the score, Jack Donner stands up to insure an amicable getaway.

The Third Tree


When you know the outcome of every decision, there's only one left to make.



When Danny's dream becomes lucid, he learns a lesson about arrogance.



Something strange oozes within the shell of Maven's new electronic gadget.



Mal wakes up in the middle of the night after a dream that puts everything in perspective.

Off With Her Head


A woman with an artistic flair for the controversial finds that you can start the conversation, but everyone else will finish it.

Middle Ground


The only thing that lies between Taylor Merit and death at the hand's of outlaw, Jack Mills, is fifty paces of dirt.

That Baby


That home, that husband, that baby. Jenn is a stranger in her own life, and that baby won't let her forget it.

The Report


Martin's report is stellar, his new partner is a knockout, and the realization hits that his life is a living cliche.